Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

At Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center (NMRMC), we believe all people should receive the medical care they need whether or not they can pay. If you cannot pay your medical expenses, you may qualify for our financial assistance program.

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Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions:


What if I can't pay my hospital bill?

If you don't have health insurance (or if your insurance doesn't cover all your medical expenses), please let us know. We believe all people should get medical care whether or not they can pay.

How do I apply for the financial assistance program?

Call 620.432.5324 and ask for an application. We can answer your questions and help you fill out your application. We also can help you apply for public health care programs.

How does the hospital decide if I qualify?

We look at your family's income and how many people are in your family. We will not look at your age, sex, sexual orientation, race, beliefs or disabilities.

What happens if I qualify?

If you qualify, Financial Assistance will be applied to your current unpaid bills and you won't have to pay the hospital (unless your financial situation changes.) If you have any new services at the Medical Center, you will need to reapply for Financial Assistance.

How do I know if I do or do not qualify?

We will mail you a letter informing you of your qualification status.

What are my options if I don't qualify?

You can:
Appeal—Fill out the appeal form you get with the denial letter, and we will tell you our decision within 10 business days.
Apply again—If your income has changed, you may qualify.
• Ask the hospital to let you make payments.

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