Swing Bed Program

Swing Bed Program

The Swing Bed program at Neosho Memorial is a bridge between acute (hospital) care and home.  

Swing Bed patients receive 24-hour care from our skilled, compassionate nurses, physicians and therapists in the comfortable and familiar-setting of our private rooms. The transition from acute (hospital) care to follow-up care is seamless and if needed, diagnostic services are readily accessible.  

During their  stay, patients receive daily skilled services, along with activities and education designed to meet each person’s unique needs. Neosho Memorial also has a  state of the art robot that may also be used to assist with activities.    

Because Swing Bed patients are close to home, it is easy for family and friends to be part of the recovery.  
Our caring hospital staff will provide service until the patient’s condition is stable or their rehabilitation potential is met and the provider releases the patient to go home or to another setting for additional care.
Who qualifies for Swing Bed?
A patient must have a minimum three-day stay as an acute care patient within the last 30 days before transitioning to the Swing Bed program. The patient must also need ongoing monitoring and require rehabilitative therapy. The Swing Bed program is covered by Medicare.  There are no age restrictions to the program.

How does a patient get into the swing bed program?
Once the patient’s physician determines that skilled  care is needed, a referral will be made to our Swing Bed team.  Our team will then arrange with the physician for admission into our program.  

Swing Bed is ideal for patients needing:
Wound care
Recovery from major surgery, joint replacement or vascular or abdominal operation
Rehabilitation after a stroke
IV medication therapy or  nutritional therapy
Strength training after a lingering illness or prolonged hospitalization
Someone who has had repeated hospitalizations
Daily physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy

Referrals can be made by contacting our Case Management team at (620) 432-5471.  


Contact Information

SWING BED Coordinator
Melissa Westhoff, RN, BSN 


SWING BED Admissions
Kara Koester, LBSW, ACM